Ristorante Polignano a Mare - Pranzo e Cena con vista Mare in Puglia


Dear guest we are pleased to,
welcome you to Terrazze Monachile


This place you’re experiencing is much more than a restaurant in Polignano a Mare with a breathtaking view. It’s the culmination of a friendship, and a love story.

This is the story of Nicola and Roberto, who are men today and who were once kids, like any other. Kids born to different parents, but brought up as brothers and who, just as brothers who love each other deeply, promised and swore that nothing and no one would ever tear them apart.


Life, of course, meddled, with its ability to be so wonderful and unique, and split them up as young adults. Nicola stayed put in their hometown, Gravina in Puglia, while Roberto ended up far away from his loved ones and his brotherly friend, as he left his land and its colours.

Twentyfive years later, those boys, ever so hungry and industrious, have grown up. They have become men and have done so by supporting each other, hand in hand, always keeping in mind the promise they made when they still ran around in shorts, wearing their skinned knees as a playful badge of honour.

Different from each other, with different jobs and distant lives, they’ve managed to remain close. Nicola, the early riser, has called Roberto every single morning: “I don’t know when, but you must return to the place where you belong. We need to gaze at the same stars once again”.